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A utility easement is typically a narrow strip of land used (but not owned) by telephone, cable, gas, sewer or electricity companies for the limited purpose of providing basic services to homes and other buildings. Sometimes referred to as a “right of way,” an easement is created through the government’s eminent domain powers – its inherent right to take or use land for a limited public purpose. At Kennedy Law Group, we represent both individuals and business owners who are experiencing legal difficulties relating to eminent domain, utility easements, and other land disputes. When it comes to having a utility easement on your property, you continue to have certain basic rights. For example, if a utility company uses an easement beyond what was originally contemplated, you may be entitled to just compensation. If the necessity for the utility easement goes away, such as if a house is torn down, the rights of utilities companies to use the land can also be terminated.

For clients in Central Florida, our eminent domain lawyers handle eminent domain and util. easement cases relating to the following types of property:

  • Residential

  • Agricultural

  • Industrial

  • Vacant lot

  • Apartment complex

  • Beach front

  • Mixed use

  • And more

For more information, contact Kennedy Law Group today. If you’re having difficulty with a utility easement or other form of land taking, we may be able to provide you with the prompt, aggressive legal representation you will need.


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