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Thousands of homeowners across central Florida are in need of mortgage help. In many cases, mortgage help is needed because a homeowner was incorrectly advised to take out an adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM. These mortgages are affordable at first, but then as the interest rate increases, so does the mortgage payment. Before homeowners know it, they are overwhelmed by mortgage payments that greatly surpass their ability to pay. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, mortgage help is available. A mortgage lawyer from Kennedy Law Group in central Florida is here to assist you and other homeowners throughout the area including Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Bradenton, Pasco, Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas, and beyond.

One of the mortgage help options often recommended by a mortgage lawyer from Kennedy Law Group is a loan modification, also known as a mortgage modification. A loan modification or mortgage modification is when the lender agrees to modify your current mortgage, typically because of a hardship. The purpose is to help make your loan more affordable. Usually this foreclosure help comes in the form of a rate reduction and fixing the rate for a certain amount of time.

In the past, mortgage help through a loan or mortgage modification was only used when a borrower was delinquent and suffered a hardship such as a job loss, divorce, illness, etc.

Now, borrowers in central Florida and nationwide can obtain mortgage help from their lender due to unaffordable rate adjustments on adjustable rate mortgages. Loan and mortgage modification of ARM loans is often one of the best options available for homeowners who wish to avoid foreclosure.

It is important, however, not to wait too long to get mortgage help through a loan modification. The earlier you get started on a mortgage modification, the better your chances are of negotiating a fixed rate and a payment that you can manage. An early start also gives your mortgage lawyer more leverage when negotiating with your lender.

Whether you are the proud owner of a ranch style home in Clearwater, a luxury townhome in Tampa, or a condominium in Pasco County, no one wants to go through the nightmare of losing a home to foreclosure. If you can afford your home, but not your loan, then you may be eligible for mortgage help through a loan or mortgage modification.

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Is Your Lender or Servicer Not Helping You or Being Abusive?

Lenders and servicers are very busy with desperate homeowners trying to save their homes and stop foreclosure. Unfortunately, they do not have the manpower or the capabilities to save everyone.

Many people are simply getting lost in the system and suffering an unnecessary foreclosure when they could have worked it out with their lender. This is especially tragic considering the fact that these same homeowners were advised to take out unsafe loans by mortgage brokers engaging in predatory lending practices.

When a mortgage lawyer is involved, however, it seems as if the calls start to get answered and the letters responded to. Often this can make the difference between saving your home and losing your home.

With a mortgage lawyer by your side, you have an important ally in your corner to get you the mortgage help you need, FAST!

Our consultations are always free and there is no obligation to use our services. Mortgage help is just a phone call away. Call Kennedy Law Group at 1-800-207-0005 or fill out our foreclosure help form. From our central Florida location, our mortgage lawyers provide mortgage help to residents in Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, New Port Richey, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Polk, Orange, Osceola, and beyond.


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